iStar ICCD Camera

iStar ICCD Camera - Leading intensified CCD camera

Fast gated ICCDs

Building on more than 16 years of Excellence in the development of World-class, fast-gated Intensified CCD (ICCD) cameras, Andor redefines the standard of rapid, ns time-resolved Imaging and Spectroscopy with the introduction of the New iStar ICCD camera family.

Andors iStar ICCD camera series extract the very best from CCD sensor and gated image intensifier technologies, achieving a superior combination of rapid acquisitions rates and ultra-high Sensitivity down to single photon. Exceptional detection performances are accessed through high Quantum-Efficiency Image intensifiers, Thermo-Electric cooling to -40C, 500 kHz photocathode gating rates and enhanced intensifier EBI noise reduction.

Low jitter, low insertion delay gating Electronics and nanosecond-scale optical gating provide excellent timing accuracy down to few 10s of picoseconds, allowing ultra-precise synchronisation of complex experiments through iStar ICCD camera series comprehensive range of triggering options and input/outputs interface.


Features and Benefits

  • USB 2.0 connectivity - I ndustry-standard plug-and-play, lockable and rugged interface Seamless multi-camera control from single PC or laptop.
  • 5 MHz readout platform - Rapid frame and spectral rates for superior characterization of dynamic phenomena. Single readout amplifier for best image digitization uniformity.
  • Comprehensive binning options - Crop & Fast Kinetic mode - Fully software-customizable binning sequences for highest spectral and image rates. Greater than 3,400 spectra/s continuous rates, up to 29,850 spectra/s in burst mode.
  • High-resolution sensors and image intensifiers - Superior photon capture, with peak QE up to 50% and spectral coverage from 120 to 1,100 nm.
  • High QE Gen 2 & 3 image intensifiers - Ultra lowjitter < 35 ps rms, built into the camera head for lowest available propagation delay - software-controlled multi input / output control for maximum timing accuracy. Maximum convenience for complex experiment setups integration
  • True optical gating < 2 ns - Billionth of a second time-resolution for accurate transient phenomena study.
  • Low jitter, on-board Digital Delay Generator (DDGTM) - Highest gating timing accuracy with lowest propagation delay.
  • Insertion delay as low as 19.1 ns - Minimum delay between experiment signal generation and actual image intensifier triggering.
  • Comprehensive triggering interface - Software-controlled 3x triggering outputs with 10 ps setup accuracy for complex experiment integration.
  • IntelligateTM - Intelligent and accurate MCP gating for better than 1:108 shuttering efficiency in the UV.
  • 500 kHz sustained photocathode gating - Maximizes signal-to-noise ratio in high repetition rate laser-based applications.
  • Photocathode EBI minimization - Dry gas purge interface for further efficient EBI reduction.
  • TE-cooling to -40C - Efficient minimization of CCD dark current and pixel blemishes.
  • Real-time control interface - On-the-fly software control of intensifier gain, gating and 3x outputs trigger parameters for real-time detection optimization.
  • 2 year warranty - Reliability and guaranteed performance.

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