Atomic Spectroscopy

Atomic Absorption, Emission and Fluorescence Techniques

The ECC kVp meter and exposure timer Measures the peak x-ray accelerating voltage from tungsten x-ray generators. To measure peak kV the user simply places the instrument in the beam and takes an x-ray. In addition to measuring kVp, the unit also measures the exposure time and displays the x-ray waveform type. The Capintec kVp Meter can be used on radiographic, fluoroscopic and dental x-rays. There is a high resolution mode which is used for measurements on older x-rays and x-rays with slow rise times. The kVp Meter has a large display which is readable from outside the x-ray room.

Small Hand Held Size
Easy to use
Non invasive
High Accuracy
Battery Operated
Two Year Warranty
Measures kVp and exposure time
Compact size
Durable ABS Plastic Case
Custom Carrying Case Option

45 to 125 kV
kVp Accuracy
2% + / - 1 kV, at 25 to 100 mA
18 to 42 cm from head, for
Tungsten target x-ray tube with 1.5
mm Al equivalent filtration
Exposure Time Accuracy
2% + / - 3 millisecond
Minimum exposure time is 100
Minimum Exposure Time ( kVp
100 millisec - High Speed Mode
( normal)
200 millisec - High Resolution Mode
Minimum Current ( mA)
7 mA at 50 kV, 10 cm from x-ray
Also depends on focus / collimation
0.4 " ( 10.2mm) Liquid Crystal
8 Character Alphanumeric


4 AA Batteries accessible from bottom
of case
Low Battery Indicator
Battery Life
48 hours continuous
Typically 9 months of normal use
Controls/ Indicators
ON/ OFF Switch
Illuminated push-button with green
power-on indication
Mode Switch
Momentary push-button
8 Character Liquid Crystal Display
Oscilloscope output
Physical Size
150 x 120 x 58.5 mm
5.9 x 4.7 x 2.3 inches
0.7 kG ( 1.5 lb)
None required for normal kVp
3.5mm Jack for Oscilloscope Output
Optional Accessories
Padded Cordura Carrying Case
Oscilloscope Interface Cable

Typical Applications
Measurement of Exposure
Verification of peak x-ray voltage
Constancy checks
X-ray calibration
Quality Assurance
Measurement of X-ray Exposure Time
Half Value Layer determination
Troubleshooting and Repair of X-rays
 More than 97 % of the
radiation energy is ranging in the wave length region between 2.5 m and 40 m.

Technical data
Measuring range < 0, 020 0, 980
Precision + - 0, 002
Spectral range 2, 5 m - 40 m
Maximum of radiative energy 8 m
Black body temperature 100 C
Intregration time 5 sec
Measuring spot ~ 5 mm
Power rating 130 W at 230 V~ / 115 V~ ( opt.)
Size 230 mm x 140 mm x 120 mm
Weight 2, 0 kg
Calibration standard low emissive side: Aluminum polished
high emissive side: black light trap
Reference emissivities typical value for low emissive side ~ 0, 02
typical value for high emissive side ~ 0, 98
individually calibrated with reference to a NPL calibration standard
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