Model 915 palmRADII Nuclear Radiation Meter

The palmRAD II is the latest addition to a growing family of handheld radiation detectors. The palmRAD II is much more than a survey meter. It gives users the traditional capabilities found in survey meters married to a feature-packed architecture that allows faster, less burdensome radiation control. The included software, SmartSuite 2010, gives the management team in your program visibility to all the relevant information and the ability to control processes on the fly.

The palmRAD II provides configuration and management tools to the administrator and allows controlled operation by the end users. This adminstrative control leads to more reliable surveys, radiological mapping and reconnaissance. The palmRAD II survey meter functionality delivers results in radiation control programs looking at both investigative and exploratory measurements as well as routine documentation for regulatory compliance.

Custom Survey Reporting

SmartSuite 2010 integrates the collected data and provides an interface for the archiving or reporting of necessary information. Basic data blocks include:

  • Full time-stamped graphical depiction of the survey, with actual clock time when measurements were taken
  • Dose Rate data measurements taken at sample rates defined by you
  • Multi-level data storage provides enhanced granularity during detected radiation events
  • Dose data accumulated over selectable time windows and summarized for each survey
  • Data is highlighted at Survey Locations which were pre-defined or were added during the survey
  • Full history of alarms and events during the survey execution, including arrival and departure times for the survey locations
  • Pre- and post-completion notes areas to ensure that the report stands alone when reviewed later

Simple Survey Example:

The most basic operation would be to choose a survey to be run from the list of survey templates, and then checking-out a unit to the user who will physically perform the survey.

The user travels the survey route, using the device menu to identify when each survey location is reached.  If measurements indicate unexpected behavior, or suspicious material is found, new data sample locations can be added by the user and annotated in the survey report.

When the user returns, check the device back in to automatically download data and generate the survey specific report.

Managing Devices:

SmartSuite 2010 manages he pool of available palmRAD II units and identifies the device assigned to a user by name on the unit's display.

Managing Data:

The palmRAD II stores all your survey data in non-volatile RAM until it is downloaded into the host server. The download is by bluetooth or USB, based on application requirements. The data is then stored in an industry standard SQL Database, for safe and secure information management. A rich set of import/export tools provide backup and data sharing

Wireless Communications:

Devices may be configured to communicate using industry-standard Bluetooth wireless protocols. This allows quick addition of devices and automates the data transfers. Communications to and from the devices are also verified by error checking found in bluetooth transmission protocols.  

Simple 2 Button Design

The Model 915 palmRAD II is powered by an internal Lithium Polymer re-chargeable battery, and is supplied with a charging station to re-charge at the end of the working period.


  Newly Developed Solid State Detector

  Ultra Rugged and Responsive

  Water-Submersible Enclosure

  Full Data Logging Capabilities

  Low Cost / Unit - Replaces 2 Survey Tools

  Alarm Features for Emergency Responders

  Limited Requirements for Calibration

  Rugged Stainless Steel Enclosure (Drop Tested)

  Immune to Radio Frequency Interface


  Site Survey of Background Radiation Levels

  Field Measurements by Non-Technical Users

  NRC and State Health Quarterly Survey Requirements

  Establishing Baseline Data

  First Responders with Exposure Concerns

  Emergency Services

  HAZMAT & EMT Support

  Treaty Compliance Verification

  Dirty Bomb Screening

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