ScanSpec - ScanSpec UV-VIS

The ScanSpec UV-VIS is optimized for an wavelength range of 250-800 nm and it features a 2048-element Sony ILX511 linear CCD array for increased signal-to-noise and enhanced electronics for controlling the spectrometer.
The spectrometer is preconfigured with a 600 lines/mm grating blazed at 400nm, 2nd order-sorting filter and a 50 Ám entrance slit for optical resolution <2.5 nm.
Most typical applications for ScanSpec UV-VIS are liquids absorbance and surface reflectance.
When you purchase a ScanSpec spectrometer, you can also choose from ScanSci complete line of spectroscopic accessories.  All accessories use SMA 905 connectors for application flexibility. Changing the sampling system is as easy as unscrewing a connector and adding new components or accessories.

Detector Specifications


Sony ILX511 Linear CCD array


2048 pixels

Signal-to-noise ratio:

250:1 (at full signal)

Dark noise:

50 RMS counts

Corrected linearity:



75 photons/count

Optical Bench


f/4 Symmetrical Czerny-Turner

Focal length

45 mm input, 45 mm output

Entrance aperture:

50 Ám wide slit standard (also available 10,25,50,100 and 200 Ám)


600 lines/mm, blazed at 400nm (other blazed wavelengths available)

OFLV filter:


Fiber optic connector:

SMA 905 to 0.22 numerical aperture single-strand optical fiber


Wavelength range:

250-800 nm

Optical resolution:

<2.5 nm FWHM (slit dependant)

Integration time:

1 ms - 30 seconds

Stray light:



Data transfer speed:

Full spectrum to memory every 1 ms with USB 2.0 port


Operating systems:

Windows XP/Vista/7

Computer interface:

USB 2.0  



99 mm x 99 mm x 45 mm

ScanSpec UV-VIS


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