Spectroscopic Portal Monitoring

FIND - Flexible Illicit Nuclear Detection

Spectroscopic Portal Monitors, Vehicle Based Detection Systems, Lanthanum Bromide RIIDs
Spectroscopic Pagers and a Command Center... all supported by a Reachback Program.

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The FIND Solution, a program of radiation detection from Berkeley Nucleonics, brings together the latest technology in hardware and software with a full program of training, support and protocol development. The FIND Solution is a comprehensive package designed to address the difficult, often confusing task of nuclear detection and isotope identification. With an accurate detection imperative and a considerable requirement to minimize false alarms, the FIND Solution allows customers and expert community to balance considerations without advanced health physicist staff.

One component to a program of radiation detection is large portal monitors. In contrast to many portal monitor systems already deployed, the latest in technology allows for real-time isotope identification. This means non-threat isotopes, such as industrial or medical sources (when proper manifest exists) are excluded from reachback and aggressive mitigation efforts. The FIND program includes such essential components as the ARAM from Textron-IST. This product is adaptable to a variety of installations (marine, vehicle, fixed portal, cargo, etc.). The
ARAM portal monitor (Adaptable Radiation Area Monitor) is the next generation in advanced spectroscopic portal monitors capable of real-time detection and identification of illicit Special Nuclear Material (SNM).

Radiological Detection and Isotope Identification in Vehicle System
Radiological Detection

ARAM offers an onboard processor that records the spectral data of a radiation source, providing a nuclear fingerprint for radionuclide identification in a variety of detection geometries. Radiation levels and spectra are archived and made available via HTTP (and secure S-HTTP) for remote telemetry and viewing. ARAM is an automatic, highly sensitive spectroscopy system that uses large NaI(Tl) crystals to detect and discriminate the smallest levels of radiation in many different scenarios.

 When ARAM detects radioactive materials, it sends a notification to the system operator informing them if the source is NORM or contraband. While user intervention is always significant, the initial data and spectra files from the ARAM systems provide helpful information to operators and reachback support. A variety of options including email notifications, local paging, LCD displays, and an Ethernet port are provided for simple connectivity to all user groups.

ARAM (Adaptable Radiation Area Monitor) is a joint development project that includes proprietary identification algorithms from IST-Textron and detector electronics from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. By leveraging the adaptable nature of the product into several platforms, it serves as a critical component to a larger program of radiation detection, incident mitigation, protocol development and user training.. For example, the systems can be easily set up to monitor for radioactive materials in highway vehicle traffic, packages in mail and parcel facilities, bulk cargo, small water-borne vessels, and vehicles moving through roadside checkpoints. The portal can also be configured as a discreet fixed mount detection system to monitor slow moving, packages, luggage, or pedestrians. Digital video cameras can be easily integrated to further document and record alarm events. The ARAM system is currently deployed at numerous U.S. border checkpoints, wet ports, and critical infrastructure facilities.

Ruggedly mounted in an SUV, the ARAM (see image #3) provides a mobile WMD monitoring solution of unparalleled performance. This configuration, called the Textron-IST "RadTruck” by system integrators, is in use on the East and West Coast, has been tested by the DOE. Exterior vehicle lighting and siren controls are also integrated into the RadTruck. Although we recommend installation in a Chevy Suburban SUV, we can accommodate most vehicles at the time of installation. (Vehicle purchase is optional, and special fleet pricing is passed through to the customer).
Mobile Installations offer Clandestine Monitoring
Mobile Installations
Through a tech transfer from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 2003, IST obtained rights to develop and manufacturer critical technology in the system. ARAM has since performed very well during independent tests at NTS and ORNL, having demonstrated the ability to detect and identify radioactive materials on moving targets. Contact us for additional information on the performance test.

The FIND Solution uses a variety of instruments that are all network-ready via wireless connectivity. This allows for extended reach-back support with government officials. Each ARAM installation can be configured to include multiple detectors as well as automated spectral data transmission and video capture. Contact us to discuss your networked radiation detection program, we are happy to discuss your specific needs.

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