Model 1105 - Universal Counter

What the Health Physicists and Radiation Safety professionals say:

Better, Faster, Cheaper


The speed and accuracy of the SAM readings allowed us to complete tasks in 4 weeks instead of the usual 6 to 8 weeks


Because of the speed of detection and identification by the SAM, the process times were reduced by 80% resulting in significant cost savings in overtime pay.

...US Nuclear Power Plant

We selected the SAM because each reference we checked said it really does do what BNC says it will do. While other systems were too slow, very sensitive to background, and quickly confused when more than one isotope was present.
...Canadian Utility

The SAM is accurate and does 75% of what our germanium systems will do, without the need to transport any heavy support equipment.

The SAM pays for itself after 66 samples.
Portable Gamma Spectroscopy System
Portable Gamma Spectroscopy System


  Completely portable spectroscopy system with integrated MCA

  Accurately identifies multiple radionuclides concurrently within 1 second (real time)

  Continuum (including backscatter) is tooled out for I.D. at or below ambient background

  Special Nuclear Material (SNM) detection (enhanced with neutron detector option)

  Isotope specific and total dose rate display

  Nuclide library of more than 100 isotopes

  Enables user to modify isotope energy lines

  Integrated analysis for identification and calculation of dose rate

  Multiple trigger lists for distinct isotopic applications

  Background subtraction performed every second for enhanced sensitivity


  Emergency Response

  Law Enforcement

  Border Security




  Radiation Safety

  Portal Monitoring

  Passenger and Freight Monitoring

  Non-proliferation Enforcement

  Health Physics

  Environmental Waste Monitoring

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