Wilks Infracal

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Deuterium Oxide (D2O) in Water

One use for D2O or heavy water is as a moderator in pressurized heavy water nuclear reactors. Water is used to transfer the heat energy from the D2O to the steam turbine. The measurement of D2O in water is important to determine whether there are any leaks between the water loop and the D2O loop. The InfraCal Filtometer can measure D2O concentrations in water from 0.01%.

The InfraCal Filtometer is a fixed filter mid infrared analyzer designed for single component analysis. Unlike an FTIR spectrometer, has no moving parts and an insignificant optical air path. This makes it portable, rugged and suitable for use in a field environment. It weighs less than 5 lbs. and can be operated from a battery pack or a cigarette lighter adapter cable. D2O has a specific absorption unique to water at 4.1 microns (2439cm-1) therefore, quantitative measurements can be determined
by the depth of the absorption band at this wavelength. An internal calibration table and easy-to-use operator interface allows for analysis by non technical personnel. The measurement uses a transmission system and a sealed cell.

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