Customized Solutions

Krishnamrutam works with a worldwide base of defence, security and commercial Clients. We successfully manage Client partnerships locally within the UK and across the world, having delivered solutions to over 30 countries, involving the most demanding technical specifications. Krishnamrutam designs precision optical solutions, with a pioneering pedigree dating back to 2003. Based in Mumbai, Krishnamrutam has comprehensive capabilities for the design and supply of complex, integrated optical systems for defence and commercial use across the UV, visible, near infrared, thermal imaging and CO2 laser wavebands. Krishnamrutam Enterprises P. Ltd is a privately owned Indian Company, servicing a worldwide Client base from a purpose-built, integrated facility Belapur, Navi Mumbai. Here we design and supply precision optical solutions in the UV, visible, near infrared, thermal imaging and CO2 laser wavebands. We are accustomed to taking full project ownership for optical systems for our Clients, using in-house resources and incorporating optical, mechanical and electronics design. Our full service capability encompasses prototype build, full production techniques, thin film optical coating, integration and assembly within a clean environment, final test and qualification, plus after-sale support. We operate an accredited quality management system across the Company, and when required operate to the appropriate MIL-SPECs. Such comprehensive and advanced capabilities are rare in a single Company. We offer Clients in defence and commercial sectors the opportunity to source leading-edge optical solutions at competitive prices from an established Indian Company with an outstanding track record of innovation.
Our custo

1. Innovative registration cameras for use in solder paste machines
2. High performance telecentric registration lenses for a large range of configurations
3. Optics and optical systems for laser beam delivery systems and for laser beam focussing over a wide range of wavelengths
4. CO2 Laser Scanning Lenses
5. Reflecting objectives
6. Specialised machine vision optics and camera systems
7. Optics and systems for dermal cameras, optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems and endoscopes
8. Scientific optical systems
9. Wave Master Wavelength Meter
10. Zoom lenses and multiple focal length lens systems for security observation at very long ranges
11. Solutions for covert surveillance and other applications.
12. Ruggedized and athermalised lenses for uncooled focal plane arrays operating in the 8-14µm waveband.
13. Simulation optical systems for military training.
14. Simulated fire control systems for vehicles
15. Monocular  SXGA  display  module to  simulate  the  eyepieces  of  armoured  fighting  vehicles  and similar optical systems
16. Simulated Tornado Head Up Display
17. Lenses and optical solutions for thermal imagers for both industrial and defence applications
18. High performance, ruggedized and athermalised lenses for uncooled focal plane arrays operating in the 8-14µm waveband


mized solutions includes but are not limited to :

Spectroscopy Solutions
163 Imaging Spectrographs
Detector Arrays
Confocal Systems
Microscopy Systems
X-Ray Detection Cameras
Scientific Cameras
Time Resolved Cameras
Interline CCD Camera
Time Resolved Cameras
Imaging Cameras
Spectroscopy Applications
Acton Optics & Coatings
Reflectance Accessories
Lasers for microelectronics, solar, semiconductor, industrial manufacturing,

scientific research, and life and health sciences markets
All-in-One Lasers
Optical Filters
Sensing applications
Bio-medical imaging systems
Security Products
Personal Alerm Dosimeter
Atomic absorption systems
Industrial Imaging applications
Wideband and Narrowband Light Sources and Lasers
Portable Gamma Spectroscopy System
Nuclear Radiation Meters
Atomic Spectroscopy
ICCD Cameras - Leading intensified CCD cameras

We offer an extensive line of services to suite your every need. We know it is not possible for small to medium size businesses to employ all the needed specialists on a full time basis. We are there when we are needed. This allows for your complex business needs to be met; but at a fraction of the cost of having an employed specialist in every field of expertise. We have over 30 years Experience and Knowledge in the services we provide.!