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K-Optronics is a high-end enterprise premise solution. We are a global supplier,  vendor and service provider headquartered in India with a worldwide network of Authorized Distributors from whom the Optronics products are freely available.

Our state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing facilities are located in Europe and the Far East which allow us to service our customers with just-in-time requirements at competitive prices. The Optronics product portfolio has been engineered to the highest technical standards for the ever demanding world of the data and telecommunications market.

Optronics Distribution Network has been established for many years in EMEA and the Americas. The K-Optronics' seven year comprehensive warranty is only available through our network of Approved Installers and Integrators.

The Optronics product range has been designed by our engineering team to meet and exceed the latest standards. So if you are looking for a high quality range of Optronics and Photonics as well as Networking products from a company that is committed to exceptional levels of service and quality then contact K-Optronics to see how we can help you.

Microscopy Cameras


Invenio-1MSII - Microscope camera with 1.3 Megapixel and CMOS sensor
Invenio-1MSII - Microscope camera
Microscopy Cameras are used to capture images or video, or to display video on a monitor in a variety of microscopy applications. Microscopy Cameras are cameras that are well-suited to microscopy applications. Edmund Optics offers a variety of Microscopy Cameras in a range of interfaces including GigE, USB, or FireWire. NIR Cameras are also available for microscopy applications in the near-infrared.

Invenio-1MSII - Microscope camera with 1.3 Megapixel and CMOS sensor

Fast Streaming Video and High-Resolution Still Image

The Invenio 1MSII, 1.3 Mega Pixel, Colour, CMOS camera is designed to meet the demands of various applications in life- and material science. It offers:
- High speed video streaming to the computer monitor
.- Excellent performance from a small and compact digital microscopy camera with fast live images and high-resolution still images.
- Ideal camera for documentation and analysis for a wide range of applications
- Streaming live video on computer monitor via high-speed USB 2.0 bus at 480 Mbits/s
- Perfect monochrome image quality with fine details.
- Automatic and manual exposure and sensitivity control
- Easy and flexible daily use with dynamic insertion and removal of the camera to PC and notebook via a single standard USB 2.0 high-speed interface
- Small compact camera with optical C-mount for easy attachment to a microscope
- Tripod receptacle for mounting to stands for macro photography
- Low power consumption allows silent operation without the need for a noisy fan
- Back focus adjustment
- Manufactured in Denmark

Digital Micro/ Macroscopes»

 DeltaPix Modus M12Z  Fully motorized digital microscope system
DeltaPix Modus M12Z
K-Optronics offer a large portfolio of standard and premium fibre connectivity, OSP, CP and cable products specifically for the access network and FTTH. Our team of experienced engineers can help with custom designs required in today’s evolving access infrastructure.

K-Optronics' Access Networks provides you latest in security technology, With advanced system integration practices be it a Large, Medium or Small Scale Industry, Commercial buildings, Banks,  government agencies, Shopping Malls, Temples, Educational Institutes, Residential buildings, Shops or Individual Homes, we secure everything.

  • Right Source for Security Systems
  • HD video surveillance solutions
  • Large scale turnkey projects
  • Custom professional installation
  • Simple and Affordable Home Security Systems
  • Best after sales service
  • Security and control at your finger tips
  • Business security systems you can depend on
  • Keep an eye on your home anywhere
  • Mobile viewing
  • Get security alerts to your email or Smartphone
Wide range of solutions covering Corporate offices, Individual Homes, Gated Communities, Residential complex, Villas, Banks, Hospitals, Industries, Commercial Complex, Show rooms, Jewelery Shops, Educational institutes, Play schools and so on

DeltaPix Modus Moto»

 DeltaPix Modus Moto Complete digital microscope with motorized Z-stage
DeltaPix Modus Moto

Complete digital microscope with motorized Z-stage

This high quality and affordable micro- motorized system provides all functions necessary for high precision measurements, image capture, 3D-topography, extended depth of focus, documentation and traceable report generation as required by industrial, scientific and biomedical
applications. These systems are designed to enable the user to capture high precision images of all kinds of specimen such as insects, bugs, plants, stones, crystals, meteorites, minerals and many more with an astonishing level of detail.
This micro/ macro system is a unique combination of high quality Japanese optics, a high quality track stand and a DeltaPix scientific USB3 camera.

The system can be configured with different optics, please see the table below. Other
options like other cameras, light source, motorization and more is available on request.

We offer an extensive line of services to suite your every need. We know it is not possible for small to medium size businesses to employ all the needed specialists on a full time basis. We are there when we are needed. This allows for your complex business needs to be met; but at a fraction of the cost of having an employed specialist in every field of expertise. We have over 30 years Experience and Knowledge in the services we provide.!
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