Photonics Industry Notes

Photonics Industries International is one of the largest diode-pumped solid-state laser manufacturers in the US. We serve industrial, scientific and defense customers, providing a broad range of diode-pumped pico-second and nano-second lasers as well as many tunable and customized laser solutions.

Diode pumped nano-second lasers include: UV (355/351nm), Green (532/527nm), IR (1064/1053nm) and DUV (266/263nm) with power range from 10mW DUV to 400W in IR or 150W in Green. DC, DS & DM Series are solid-state cw diode pumped Q switched lasers. DS and DC Series provide TEM00 mode output, and DM series produces multimode output. DP Series are solid-state diode pulse pumped lasers. These lasers are used in a broad range of applications including solar cell scribing, LCD repair, materials processing, high speed PIV, pumping Ti: Sapphire, LIDAR, and many other types of applications.

Diode pumped picosecond lasers include Quasi-CW (PS Series) and pulsed (RG Series) lasers. These lasers are available in wavelengths at 1064nm, 532nm, 355nm & 266nm in a broad range of repetition rates and power levels. They are used in a wide range of applications including processing of quartz, ceramics and many types of hard to process glasses, solar processing applications such as CIGS, Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) application, laser direct writing and many other types of applications.

Tunable laser offerings include TU series Ti:Sapphire laser and OPO. TU series is based on patented narrow line width technology (<0.1cm-1) with tunability from 193 to 480nm and 700 to 970nm in the kHz repetition rate range. These lasers are ideal for Raman spectroscopy, LIF, Atmospheric LIDAR and many other spectroscopy type applications. Tunable OPO is based on our patented intracavity frequency conversion which converts 1.064um to eye safe wavelength range of 1.5um to 3.4um at about quantum efficiency at mJ's of pulse energy from single shot to 50kHz repetition rates. The output from the OPO can be converted into short wavelength such as 500nm to 700nm range through harmonic conversion. This laser is ideal for many applications such as chemicals detection, rangefinder/designator, eye safe illumination, and LIDAR.

Building on our core technologies Photonics Industries has the capabilities and resources to build customized lasers based on specifications and input from the customer. If one of our standard products doesn’t meet your exact specifications, please feel free to contact us to further discuss your requirements.

We offer an extensive line of services to suite your every need. We know it is not possible for small to medium size businesses to employ all the needed specialists on a full time basis. We are there when we are needed. This allows for your complex business needs to be met; but at a fraction of the cost of having an employed specialist in every field of expertise. We have over 30 years Experience and Knowledge in the services we provide.!