Explorer XP DPSS Mid-Power All-in-One Lasers

Explorer XP DPSS Mid-Power All-in-One Lasers
Explorer XP DPSS Mid-Power All-in-One Lasers
The Spectra-Physics Explorer® XP is the world’s first compact 5 W all-in-one green laser that combines laser head and power supply into a single package that fits in the palm of your hand. With the industry’s smallest footprint, light 3 kg weight, air-cooled design and rugged construction, the Explorer XP laser is simple to integrate into machine tools and is ideal for use on a moving gantry.

The Explorer XP laser delivers exceptional performance including short pulse width for minimum heat affected zone, unmatched pulse-to-pulse stability and superior beam quality. It operates across a wide repetition rate range from single shot up to 300 kHz. With a short laser resonator cavity, Explorer XP lasers produce high peak powers that in some materials can outperform higher average power green lasers. The superior mode quality (M2 <1.1 typical) over the full repetition-rate range leads to improved spatial resolution and larger depth-of-focus. The Spectra-Physics patented intra-cavity design enables efficient conversion to the green, resulting in the highest pulse-to-pulse stability for consistent processing and higher yields.

Based on the proven Explorer architecture, the Explorer XP laser is rugged and highly reliable for demanding 24/7 applications. All optical components are soldered in place to ensure exceptional ruggedness and durability in harsh operating environments. No solder flux is used, thereby minimizing organic contaminants that can degrade laser performance. Explorer XP lasers are tested to endure bare product shock and vibration with accelerations of up to 100 g.

Additionally, the system can be operated using TTL and analog control signals. Real-time pulse energy values are available on the integrated Analog Port. For applications that rely on the synchronization of multiple lasers, the Explorer XP offers a dedicated port to operate multiple lasers synchronously or with precisely separated laser pulses.

With its tiny footprint, ease of integration, exceptional performance, rugged and reliable construction and versatile features, the Explorer XP laser is the ultimate, air-cooled 532 nm DPSS solution.


  • Thin film photovoltaic manufacturing
  • Selective ablation in c-Si photovoltaic manufacturing
  • LED chip marking
  • Resistor trimming
  • Memory repair
  • Micromachining and marking


Average Power
Pulse Rate Frequency 60 kHz 80 kHz 100 kHz 200 kHz 300 kHz
Wavelength 532 nm
Gain Medium Nd:YVO4
Specified1 >5 W
Typical >4.2 W >5.5 W >5 W >4 W >3.6 W
Pulse Energy
Specified1 >63 J
Typical >70 J >68 J >50 J >20 J >12 J
Pulse Width (FWHM)
Specified1 <8 ns
Typical <7 ns <7 ns <9 ns <15 ns <22 ns
Peak Power
Specified1 >8 kW
Typical >10 kW >9 kW >6 kW >1.5 kW >500 W
Pulse Energy Noise1 <3% RMS
Long Term Stability (non-cumulative)1 <2%
Repetition Rate 60300 kHz
Single shot to 60 kHz max; pulse energy is 70 J
Spatial Mode1 M2 <1.2, TEM00
Beam Diameter, at waist (1/e2)1 0.19 mm 10%
Beam Divergence, full angle (1/e2)1 <4.5 mrad
Beam Ellipticity1 1 0.1
Astigmatism1 <0.2
Polarization Ratio >100:1 (horizontal)
Power Adjustability 40100%
Warm-up Time (cold start to >95% full power) <10 min
Operating Voltage 24 VDC 2 V
Maximum Inrush Current2 <9 A
Maximum Power Consumption 150 W
Typical Power Consumption3 <100 W
Laser Baseplate Temperature Range 1845C
Mechanical Dimensions
Laser (L x W x H) 9.45 x 3.74 x 3.70 in (240 x 95 x 94 mm)
Beam Height 35 mm
Weight 6.6 lbs (<3 kg)
Operating Temperature
Operating Temperature 1835C (<80% relative humidity)
Storage Temperature Range -20 to 60 C (<90% relative humidity, non-condensing)
Static Alignment Tolerance
Beam Position <0.25 mm
Beam Angle <1 mrad
  1. 1. At 100% pump power
  2. 2. <1 msec
  3. 3. At 25C baseplate temperature
  4. 4. All specifications are subject to change without notification
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