Laser System for Radiation Oncology

We are with Spectra-Physics® is an industry-leading supplier of advanced laser solutions to the microelectronics, solar, semiconductor, industrial manufacturing, scientific research, and life and health sciences markets for 50 years. Our portfolio of high performance, high reliability products includes a wide range of ultrafast, Q-switched DPSS, CW and quasi-CW, high-energy pulsed, tunable, gas, diode and fiber-based lasers. With the acquisition of New Focus™, Newport now offers a complete line of mode-hop free guaranteed, diode based, tunable lasers with best in class performance. Newport also offers a complete line of low cost diode lasers, as well as laser and laser safety accessories for your convenience.

Manual adjustments
1. Moves cross left/right
2. Moves cross up/down
3. Rotates cross
4. Tilts horizontal plane
5. Tilts vertical plane
6. Turns to focus lines
Cross angle, factory set to 90°

Installation and Room Preparation

In today's diagnostic and therapeutic radiology precision and speed are foremost requirements.

In order for LAP lasers to fulfill these demanding requirements certain installation and room preparation guidelines must be followed. The lasers must be mounted to vibration free surfaces. Plywood or drywall are unacceptable mounting surfaces. When installing lasers in the linear accelerator room, wall recesses should be used to prevent collisions.

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