Light Sources & Lasers

Wideband and Narrowband Light Sources and Lasers

BaySpec builds 100% of its light sources at our high volume manufacuring 48,000 sq foot facility in San Jose, California in Silicon Valley.  These incorporate low-cost, high reliability SLEDs, laser diodes, fiber lasers, as well as broadband Tungsten Halogen sources.

BaySpecís MiniLiteTM Series of narrowband and wideband sources are designed to enhance Analytical Raman Spectroscopy and Telecom/Test & Measurement capabilities covering optimal wavelength regions.  Devices benefit from low-cost field proven telecommunication components.  


  • Fiber optic coupled, wide spectral coverage
  • Compact size with 5V wall power plug-and-play
  • Solid state light source, reliable operation in harsh environments
  • Operates over wide -15 to +45?C temperature range
  • Operates in high +85% relative humidity environments
  • Low cost of ownership
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