Revolution® 488 Microscopy System


Revolution® 488 Microscopy System encompasses a range of components, both hardware and software that fit seamlessly together creating a complete confocal microscopy solution. A flexible component focus also allows us to provide key pieces of hardware stand-alone. We want to tailor solutions matched to your needs.

Revolution® 488 Components

At the core of Revolution® Microscopy system is Andor iQ, a multi-dimensional imaging software which synchronizes iXon3 EMCCD cameras with the CSU-X1 confocal spinning disk and other key hardware components such as Piezo Z100 z-stage and our Laser Combiner with AOTF for rapid laser line selection.

Revolution® products are compatible with modern infinity corrected microscopes from Leica, Nikon, Olympus or Zeiss to meet your preferred configuration. NB For laser safety a 100% side port switch is required. We have recently introduced support for TILL’s iMIC - modular automated microscope system.