Low Light Imaging Cameras

iXon3 EMCCD Camera

Driving the Absolute Best from EMCCD Camera Technology

With the NEW iXon3 EMCCD camera, Andor have delivered a dedicated, truly high-end, yet accessible ultrasensitive scientific camera platform, designed specifically to drive the absolute best from EMCCD technology across all critical performance specs and parameters.

Andor’s iXon3 EMCCD camera ensures the absolute highest sensitivity from a quantitative scientific digital camera, particularly under dynamic measurement conditions (faster frame rates). Andor’s proven UltraVac™ vacuum technology, carrying a 7 year warranty, is critical to ensure both deep cooling and completeprotection of the sensor.

The iXon3 camera is designed to be the most flexible yet easy to use EMCCD camera on the market, optimizable for a wide variety of application requirements in a single click via the new OptAcquire™ feature. Furthermore, signal can be quantitatively calibrated in units of electrons or photons, either real time or post-processing. Patented, pioneering technology offers automated recalibration of the linear EM gain scale, alongside anti-ageing protection.

Crucially, the iXon EMCCD camera brand carries an outstanding reputation for product quality and reliability, brandishing an unparalleled track record of minimal field failures.

Specifications Summary

IXON3 MODELS860885888897
Pixel Format128 x 1281000 x 10001024 x 1024512 x 512
Pixel Size24 μm8 μm13 μm16 μm
Max. Frame Rate513 fps31 fps9 fps35 fps

Advanced Feature Set of the iXon3 EMCCD Range

Besides offering the highest raw EMCCD performance available, the iXon3 EMCCD camera range is defined by a rich feature set, including:

  • OptAcquire™ – iXon3 is the most versatile EMCCD camera available. OptAcquire™ uniquely allows you to optimize the iXon3 for different application requirements at the click of a button.
  • Count Convert - Quantitatively capture and view data in electrons or incident photons. Applied either in real time or post-processing, Count Convert does this important conversion for you.
  • Spurious Noise Filter – Intelligent algorithms to (optionally) filter spurious clock induced charge (CIC), dark current and single photon events from the background, with minimal effect on the signal integrity. Apply either in real time or as a post-processing step.
  • Cropped Sensor Mode – Offering significantly faster frame rates over standard sub-array (ROI) mode. Use in microscopy with the new Optomask accessory.
  • RealGain™ - Absolute EMCCD gain selectable directly from a linear and quantitative scale. The gain you ask for is the gain you get.
  • EMCAL™ - EMCAL™ is a patented, unique and innovative user-initiated routine, performing auto-recalibration of the EM Gain scale, without need for a light source, and circumventing the need for factory recalibration.
  • Enhanced Photon Counting Modes – Intuitive single photon counting modes to overcome multiplicative noise. Apply either in real time or as post-processing.
  • Real Time Signal Averaging – New recursive averaging and frame averaging functions for improved signal to noise ratio. Apply in real time with minimal impact on image display rate.
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