Our approach to consulting is to serve the specific needs of the client. Our experience and expertise can often get a project started and completed much faster than if they did it themselves. However, by providing the necessary training, some clients prefer to work on their projects by themselves. With customized consulting and training we provide long-term value to the client.

Project Examples

  • Spectroscopic and Chemometric Analysis of Raw Material, In-Process and Finished Drug Products and Medical Devices
  • At-line Process Control Using a NIR Spectrometer
  • Chemometric Analysis of Imaging Data
  • NIR Raw Material Identification
  • Development of NIR Moisture Control
  • Development of Novel Technology for Drug Evaluation on Medical Device
  • Scientific Instrumentation Market Analysis
  • Statistical and Chemometrics Training
We offer an extensive line of services to suite your every need. We know it is not possible for small to medium size businesses to employ all the needed specialists on a full time basis. We are there when we are needed. This allows for your complex business needs to be met; but at a fraction of the cost of having an employed specialist in every field of expertise. We have over 30 years Experience and Knowledge in the services we provide.!