UV Fused Silica Metallic Neutral Density Filters
Silica Metallic Neutral Density Filters
Silica Metallic Neutral Density Filters
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Material UV grade fused silica
Surface Flatness 25.4 mm Round: =1? at 632.8 nm over the clear aperture
50.8 mm Square: =2? at 632.8 nm over the clear aperture
Clear Aperture =central 80% of dimensions
Surface Quality 60-40 scratch-dig
Dimensions ±0.25 mm
Thickness 0.118 (3.0) ±0.25 [in. (mm)]
Wedge =3 arc min
Chamfers 0.25–0.76 mm face width x 45° ±15°
Angle of Incidence
Optical Density at 632.8 nm 0.03 ±2.5%, 0.1 ±8%, 0.2 ±7%, 0.3 ±6%, 0.4 ±5% at 0.5 ±4%
Durability MIL-C-48497A, adhesion, humidity, moderate abrasion, and solubility requirements
Cleaning Non-abrasive method, acetone or isopropyl alcohol
on lens tissue recommended
(see Care and Cleaning of Optics)
Damage Threshold 30 W/cm2 CW, typical; not recommended for pulsed laser use
UV Fused Silica Metallic Neutral Density Filters Table
Optical Density at 632.8 mm Transmission at 632.8 mm Quantity in Filter Set Model Model
25.4 mm Diameter 50.8 X 50.8 mm
0.03 93.3% 1 FRQ-ND003 FSQ-ND003
0.1 79.4% 2 FRQ-ND01 FSQ-ND01
0.2 63.1% FRQ-ND02 FSQ-ND02
0.3 50.1% 1 FRQ-ND03 FSQ-ND03
0.4 39.8% FRQ-ND04 FSQ-ND04
0.5 31.6% 1 FRQ-ND05 FSQ-ND05
0.6 25.1% FRQ-ND06 FSQ-ND06
0.7 20% FRQ-ND07 FSQ-ND07
0.8 15.8% FRQ-ND08 FSQ-ND08
0.9 12.6% FRQ-ND09 FSQ-ND09
1.0 10.0% 1 FRQ-ND10 FSQ-ND10
1.5 3.2% FRQ-ND15 FSQ-ND15
2.0 1.0% 1 FRQ-ND20 FSQ-ND20
2.5 0.3% FRQ-ND25 FSQ-ND25
3.0 0.1% 1 FRQ-ND30 FSQ-ND30
4.0 0.01% FRQ-ND40 FSQ-ND40
Set of Metallic Neutral Density Filters FR-ND FS-ND
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