Extreme Conditions ATR

Product Description

REFLEX Analytical introduces the only Extreme Conditions 250C High Temperature, 800psi High Pressure ATR accessory available with the ability to easily remove and clean or replace the ATR crystal from its mechanically mounted assembly. This convenience permits interchange between other ATR crystals without having to purchase additional mounted assemblies. Once again, REFLEX Analytical listened to the analytical community and responded to their request.

The unique 45 degree, ZnSe single internal reflection element when combined with the two mirror optical base assembly for beam entry to the sample and return to the instrument's detector, provides for minimal energy loss and records an average 85 percent open beam throughput.

A Kalrez gasket incorporates an assured seal for the mounted assembly and eliminates problems associated with designs using epoxy. The gasket does not interact with the sampling radiation, thus spectra are free from spurious peaks or energy degradation.

A dual controller accompanies the accessory to independently regulate and monitor sample and mounted assembly temperatures.

Options include a standard configuration without heating or pressurizing capability using a flat or trough top plate and a 0 - 200C heated or non-heated liquid flow through cell if required. Ge and ZnS ATR crystals are also available.
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