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iDus InGaAs Detector Array

Market-leading short wave IR TE-cooled platform

Andor’s iDus InGaAs detector array series provides the most optimized platform for Spectroscopy applications up to 2.2 μm. The TE-cooled, in-vacuum sensors reach cooling temperatures of -90°C where best Signal-to-Noise ratio can be achieved. Indeed dark current will improve moderately below -90°C where scene black body radiation will dominate, while Quantum Efficiency of the iDus InGaAs detector array sensor will be greatly impacted at these lower temperatures and lead to a lower Signal-to-Noise ratio.

  • Ultravac™ for permanent vacuum integrity
  • Thermo-electric / water cooling to -90°C; reduce your noise without LN2
  • Wavelength coverage from 600nm to 1.7μm & 800nm to 2.2μm
  • Peak QE of >85% (1.7μm) & >70% (2.2μm)
  • Range of optimized pixel sizes for choice of high dynamic range and resolution
  • Simple USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Andor Solis(s) software optimized for spectroscopy
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iDus InGaAs Spectroscopy CCD


The 490-1.7 iDus InGaAs camera with USB 2.0 connectivity, low noise and high QE in the near infrared wavelength region, boasts a 512 element 25μm pitch linear photodiode array (PDA) ideal for NIR spectroscopy and extends the advantages of multichannel detectors with a spectral response from 0.6 to 1.7μm. Coupled to one of Andor’s Shamrock spectrograph models, this iDus InGaAs detector array is the ideal tool for NIR spectroscopy applications such as 1064nm Raman, NIR Photoluminescence and Absorbance.

Technical Specifications

  • Active Pixels


  • Pixel Well Depth (e-, typical)

    Me- Typical: HDR = 170, HS = 5

  • Read Noise (e-, typical)

    580 e-

  • Readout Rate per pixel kHz (µs)

    100 (10)

  • Pixel Size (µm)

    25(W) x 500(H)

  • Max Spectra Per Sec


Features and Benefits

  • 0.6 to 1.7 μm

    Operating wavelength range

  • Peak QE of > 85%

    High detector sensitivity

  • TE cooling to -90°C

    (typically attainable in 20 °C ambient and 10 °C coolant) Negligible dark current without the inconvenience of LN2

  • UltraVac™

    Permanent vacuum integrity, critical for deep cooling and sensor performance

  • Single window design

    Delivers maximum photon throughput

  • 25 μm pixel width option

    Ideal for high-resolution NIR spectroscopy

  • Simple USB 2.0 connection

    USB plug and play – no controller box. Inputs & Outputs: External Trigger, Fire and Shutter TTL readily accessible. I2C for the more adventurous user

  • Software selectable output amplifiers

    Allows user to optimize operation with choice of High Dynamic Range (HDR) or High Sensitivity (HS) modes of operation

  • Minimum exposure time of 1.4 μs

    Enables higher time-resolution and minimization of dark current contribution for applications with reasonable signal level

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