X-Ray Cameras

X Ray Camera Range for Detection

Solutions for Direct and Indirect X Ray Detection

Andor manufactures a wide range of dedicated CCD and EMCCD X Ray cameras for direct and indirect detection, in both spectroscopic or imaging sensor formats.

Camera platforms are available to accommodate and optimize a range of sensor sizes and types, from 128 x 128 EMCCD through to 2048 x 2048 CCD. Andor's X Ray camera range has been designed to adapt to a range of experimental configurations.

Systems are available that can operate directly in a vacuum chamber, attach to a chamber via a conflat flange or "stand-alone".

X-Ray Camera Codes

Code Description Direct / Indirect
DO Coupled to outside of vacuum chamber Direct + Indirect
DX Inside vacuum chamber Direct + Indirect
DY Stand alone Direct + Indirect
DV VUV/XUV (to 120nm) MgF2 window Direct

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